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There are 3 ways you can help get the ZINOMOBILE rolling.

1.       Go to KICKSTARTER page at (https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/2020858884/zinomobile-bringing-back-zinos-on-wheels) . You can understand our concept and ask questions.

2.       Like us on FACEBOOK…. Facebook.com/zinover. This will spread the word on social media.

3.       Forward the email that got you here to anyone who wants a Zinover. Tell your friends.

Any questions? Just email us info@zinover.com

Our fundraising is until Mid September.

What is a Zinover?

This is a common question if you are not from Cincinnati.
That is the question that my family hears over and over again in conversations.

If you are from Cincinnati, it brings back any number of images.
It could be a first date, live music at the Firehouse, your first job, a weekly family dining experience or any number of events in your life.

The Humphrey family operated numerous Zino's restaurants in the Cincinnati area
for over thirty years. During that time names like Zinover, Hot Brown, Firehouse, 7 layer salad, Chicken Hungarian soup and French Picnic were common.
Zino's French Picnics were common at Music in the Park events; Zino's was the place to have lunch in Kenwood Mall (it was the only restaurant in Kenwood Mall at the time).
It was a one of the busiest booths at Taste of Cincinnati.

Zino's is returning....we have pulled out the old recipes, updated a few, and are starting a rebirth of Zinovers, Hot Browns, Eggplant Parmesan, Chicken Hungarian soup and others. Prepared in a state of the art kitchen and food truck, they will be ready for you throughout the greater Cincinnati area.

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